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Evacuation Engineer

  • Full Time

Employee Type : Electrical Engineering
Location : Noida
Experience : 10 + years
Minimum Qualifying Criterion:
Education: B. Tech in Electrical Engineering
Experience: 10 + years

Roles & Responsibilities:
Assessing Grid Connection feasibility at various ISTS/In-STS substations for RE projects (Solar + Wind). Shall have good understanding of power systems & knowledge on CTU & STU networks & plans.
Applying for Grid Connectivity in CTU/STU and co-ordination with concerned STU/CTU for obtaining Connectivity and signing connection agreements.
Required coordination for Estimate preparation & approval for Evacuation system (Transmission line & Switchyard ) from STU/CTU.
Required coordination for approvals of Engineering Drawing & Documents in CTU/STU/Discoms and other statutory in regards of Evacuation system.
Required Co-ordination for Section 68 & 164 approvals, PTCC approvals, Forest clearances, NH crossings, Railways crossings, Line crossings, River crossing, Civil aviation, Defense aviation, etc. & other approvals in transmission lines.
Required Co-ordination for Metering Scheme & Telemetry approvals from concerned authorities for RE plants.
Required coordination for all evacuation related approvals, including NRLDC registration, CON 4, CON 5, CON 6 applications in ISTS connected Plants.
Required coordination for obtaining work completion reports & final Grid connectivity.
Required coordination for obtaining synchronization & charging permission for RE plants from respective SLDC/CTU/STU/Discoms.
Making communication to CTU/STU/NRLDC/SLDC/CEA and other statutory bodies as and when required.
* The candidate must be willing to travel to various STU/CTU offices, site locations, places as per requirement.


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About us
Avaada Group is a visionary energy conglomerate with a presence across the entire spectrum of the energy transition value chain, including the production of Solar Modules, Renewable Power Generation, and the development of large scale projects for Green Hydrogen, Green Methanol, Green Ammonia, and Sustainable Aviation Fuel. Under the astute leadership of Mr. Vineet Mittal, the group has established itself as a significant player on the global energy stage. Avaada Energy, the group’s flagship arm for renewable power generation, is on track to reach an impressive 11 GW of installed capacity by 2026. With its robust execution capabilities and a solid track record, Avaada has earned the trust of international investors, as evidenced by the equity raise of US $1.3 Billion in early 2023, including a US $1 Billion investment commitment from Brookfield’s Energy Transition Fund and $300 million from GPSC, PTT Group of Thailand.

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