Manager – Industrial Engineering

CEAT Limited


Plant IE specialist

Position Title

Manager – Industrial Engineering



Level / Grade


Reporting To

SVP – Manufacturing



Key Purpose of the Job (Position Summary)

This position is responsible for monitoring, maintaining and enhancing the overall efficiency and productivity at the plant. This will involve optimum utilization of all resources such as manpower, machines, material and space. The role will be responsible for identifying areas of improvement at the plant and undertake improvement projects aimed to improve the overall plant efficiency largely through enhancements in layout, manpower utilisation studies etc.


% Improvement in productivity
% Improvement in capacity utilization at the plant
Establishment of IE norms for new plants or production lines (% implementation)
No. of projects on manufacturing lead time reduction
No. of SMED projects
No. of projects on Ergonomic improvements
No. of special projects on process improvements



Support the Head Academy in planning of the annual targets for cost saving and resource optimization for the plant
Schedule and plan the efficiency and productivity studies for the plant including doing the required coordination with other departments at the plant, planning the resources required and scheduling
Provide inputs to the GM – Industrial Engineering for planning of the improvement projects at the plant and preparing the presentation of the project plan.
Provide support to the GM Industrial Engineering in undertaking feasibility studies for the improvement projects at the plant
Provide support to the management during LTS agreements with the unions and provide the management detailed plans / alternatives on manpower numbers and productivity in line with production output plans

IE Operations

Conduct studies to determine the IE norms for new plant expansions and work with cross functional team to finalize on the IE norms to be adopted
Ensure all departments at the plant track the resource utilization, wastage of time and material, etc as per the parameters defined and provide periodic reports for the same as per defined formats / norms
Compile and analyse the resource utilization MIS reports submitted by all departments, undertake root cause analysis and provide inputs to the GM Industrial Engineering for improvement projects
Regularly monitor inventory levels and usage of storage space at the plant to identify opportunities to optimize storage space and inventory

Manpower Optimization

Review and validate the manpower plan for worker category and contract staff at the respective plant based on production plans and productivity standards defined
Track and monitor manpower usage and cost at the plant in a daily basis vis-a-vis the time and performance standards defined, identify wastages and problem areas and work with the departmental heads at the plant to identify corrective measures
Monitor the level of MURI on manpower and identify initiatives to reduce the same at the plant. Work with the GM – Industrial Engineering in undertaking these initiatives at the plant
Provide inputs in optimising manpower cost and productivity for the plant to GM – Industrial Engineering for participation in discussion on the Long term Settlement (LTS)

Machine and Material Optimization

Regularly review processes and efficiency of machines at the plant
Recommend ways and methods to improve worker efficiency on the machines
Review material handling and storing process and identify areas of wastage
Identify bottlenecks in processes and workflows and work with reorganize the same to increase efficiency
Drive SMED (Single minute exchange of Dyes) for time savings

Optimization through Layout improvements

Conduct study for optimization through changes in plant layout for existing or new manufacturing processes
Create a project plan by working closely with the engineering team to get the necessary approval from the senior team at the plant

Ergonomic Optimization

Drive Ergonomic studies for improvements across all departments through MURI – MUDA projects to enhance performance and improve working environment
Recommend ways and methods to improve worker efficiency by reducing physical and mental stress in the system

Education and Experience Required


BE / BTech

Specialization in Industrial Engineering


Min. 4 – 6 years of experience of working in manufacturing plant in the IE function,

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