CEAT Limited

Senior Manager – EEI

  • Full Time

Key Purpose of the Job (Position Summary)
This position is responsible to ensure effective up keep and maintenance of all electrical and instrumentation equipment at the plant to ensure maximum equipment availability and minimum downtime on account of breakdown. The role incumbent shall lead a team of Electrical and Instrumentation engineers to ensure all maintenance jobs are completed as per schedule and within the defined budget.
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Adherence to maintenance schedule and maintenance budget
Quality of maintenance work done including innovations
Reduction in repetitive breakdown occurrences (Hours and Instances)
Reduction in cost of maintenance (Stores, spares and repair maintenance cost)
Reduction in energy cost (Power ratio)
PM Effectiveness
Plant safety and environment
Improvement initiatives (SPARSH Machine, Kaizan, Hira etc.)
Compliance as per  statutory standards for electrical installations and weights & measures
Planning & Budgeting


Plan the annual maintenance schedule and activities for all electrical and instrumentation section in consultation with Plant Chief Engineer
Participate in preparation of the annual maintenance budget by providing inputs for the electrical and instrumentation section
Provide inputs for the procurement plan for electrical and instrumentation sections covering requirement for consumables, spare parts, maintenance supplies and tools
Maintenance Operations


Planned Maintenance

Work with the team to schedule and prioritize work orders to ensure optimum utilization of resources and minimum disturbance to production activities
Manage and supervise all the maintenance activities undertaken by the electrical and instrumentation team to ensure the same is as per the maintenance schedule and budget and is of high quality
Work closely with other departments  to ensure maintenance schedules are adhered to without disruption of production targets
Prepare schedule for maintenance activities during shutdown and ensure proper execution of the same as per shutdown schedule
For equipment covered under AMCs, ensure regular maintenance is done by the vendor in accordance to the terms and conditions agreed in the AMC
Breakdown Maintenance

Prioritize breakdown repair jobs as per criticality to the production process
Ensure the team provides timely and effective break down maintenance support for any of the electrical and instrumentation systems at the plant
Review any major breakdowns in electrical and instrumentation systems to assess the scope of repair work required, cost for the repairs and other resources required
Oversee any major breakdown repair work to validate the quality of the work done and ensure minimum repetition of similar incidents
Ensure that the team prepares SOPs for any break down repairs and maintenance for reference in future occurrences.
Provide technical guidance to the team for complex repairs and issues

Regularly monitor availability of spares and work with the team to ensure optimum inventory of spares for the section
For any new spares or material prepare technical specification and provide same to procurement team post approval from Chief – Engineer
Work with the procurement team in evaluating vendors and shortlisting as required
Review and validate technical terms and conditions of agreements with vendors

Ensure the team adheres to the company’s maintenance standards, norms and laid down policies
Where required liaison with the statutory bodies and government authorities for any statutory compliances related to the electrical and instrumentation section in the plant
Resolve any coordination issues the team may face with other departments to ensure maintenance work does not get hampered
Drive improvement initiatives such as QIP’s, Kaizen, Muri – Mura etc. for the team
Cost Management


Monitor maintenance expenditure to ensure compliance to the budget
Monitor consumption of all consumables and spares
Monitor and report power consumption at the plant, department wise and suggest measures for power saving
Ensure all maintenance jobs done by the team are undertaken with optimum use of resources and minimum wastage
Identify areas for cost saving in the electrical and instrumentation section and recommend action plan to achieve the saving


Ensure all maintenance related jobs for any major plant wide improvement projects / capex projects are completed in time – such as new machine installation, replacement, etc.

MIS & Reporting


Ensure records of all service, maintenance and refurbishing works carried out in electrical and instrumentation section are maintained
Ensure records of all electrical equipment history maintained
Review SAP regularly to ensure accuracy of data and information regarding maintenance
Prepare any report as and when required related to domain

Health & Safety


Ensure all maintenance activities in the section are carried out in complete adherence of the safety, health and environmental policies and procedures for the Plant.
Ensure safety measures are consistently followed and take initiative to enhance acceptance of safety as a culture so as to achieve zero accident level
Train employees on various electrical equipment to ensure sensitization to the correct methods of handling the same
Report any incident to the Chief Engineer immediately
People Management


Guide and manage the team to ensure the department’s objectives are met
Ensure that team is adequately trained and proactively work with HR at capability enhancement of team
Conduct effective performance appraisals for the team and provide regular feedback
Motivate, counsel and coach employees to ensure a conducive working environment

Job Overview

CEAT Limited