D&D Manager

  • Full Time

Job Description
Overall Responsibilities And Duties:

Ensure robust product design achievement by validating the commitments on product performance (vs specifications) made by his team. Ensure team awareness of customer product specifications, internal standards and guidelines as well as relevant regulations/legislation. Support risk assessment on product performance.
Track impact of Engineering Changes (ECRs) on Team activity (budget, time, allocated ressources)
Track product definition robustness, program deliverables and Timing (against standards and program milestones) against relevant KPI. Report it in  EFM reviews.
Participate in EFM 2 to 8
Authorise Product Sign-Off during product design release for tooling (based on design check sheets completion by SPDE).
Act as trouble-shooter when complex product issues happen.
Support the team on decision making processes by coordinating with GTS, PTE, etc.
To monitor the CAD progress verses timeline (per milestone deliverables) and take appropriate actions to meet the deadlines
To make sure that the CAD data released is matured enough to kick-off the tooling
To ensure that the processes are followed (Top-5 meetings, SLI, DTask, RFT indicators, CMI…etc) in all projects
In case of quality issues and technical design proposals, to interact with the concerned PLTE, PTE, etc to find the root cause and take proper action.
Launch and Monitor the projects:- Track progress through GAP on regular basis and reports, and by conduting design reviews.
Monthly  tracking of development activities with DE’s – Estep documents, PSNext, mock up tuning status, SLi etc
To ensure Design kick off is done by PDE/Design leader and regularly track open pointsRegular meeting on project status with counterpart (PDL or SPDE)
Internal Quality audits : Ensure adherence to FIS internalquality procedures

Track forecast versus actual analysis and take actions.
Monthly forecast tracking :  and process implementation
Participate in staffing decisions for the Development Engineers and Product Design Engineers within the team.
Participate in Hiring new resources, contract external resources according team evolution plan and manpower needs.
Continuously assess the resources against the scope of work and the capacity to deliver.


To track and monitor project wise efficiency
To give suggestions / feedback on CAD methodology with continuous follow up from team when required.
To give suggestions /feedback on CAD Templates and macros with continuous follow up from team when required.
To participate in meeting with KBE and generate ideas for automation.
Implement KBE macros and templates to increase efficiency.

To interact with PLTE/KBE to Standardize features & fasteners
To interact with KBE to implement the standard features through Templates or repititive operations throguh macros
To optimize/redefine different processes and follow them for improvement in QCD (Different checklists, Different documents, Communication methods, Data coordination, DMU, Tolerance Stack…etc)
To standardize drawings
Involving relevant teams in relevant phases of program
To uphold & abide by code of ethics & Management

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To update and maintain Skill matrix of the team
Define training needs of team members and communicate to HR/KM to schedule trainings. To track training targets.
To develop the team members for future requirements thorugh trainings, workshops and on job training
To make relevant (even basic) knowledge available to team members by interacting with Engg Academy.
To make Benchmark data available
To manage, track and improve performance of individual engineer in the team.
Educating people in cultural differences
To motivate the teams in right direction
Reinforcing Teamwork
To increase transparency and trust within the teams by proper level of coordination and communication

Interactions with Resource Management – Already defined in “Resource Management and Recruitment”.
Interactions with HR – To conduct interviews (Campus and experienced), to define skill matrix, for the appraisals, for deciding the objectives for the team, to participate in training of the GET batches…etc. To decide the dates of travel in coordination with the counterparts.
Interactions with IT – To discuss and arrange to address the IT issues related to his group by raising the issues through appropriate channel (Stratos, interactions with IT, informing to Manager, …etc)
Interactions with Quality – To define and set different processes to make sure that the Quality and the Deliveries of the assignments are addressed through them.
To interact with quality and maximize the effective utilization of the quality tools (like checklist and Touch base, different processes and formats).

To validate the work results of the Design and Development team.
Performance tracking of team with feedback to D&D Manager on improvement plan.
Leave management (planning, approval / rejection).
Conduct OARs & STARs for the team.
Allocating the right resource at right place
To give recommendations for rewards and recognition towards best performers
Track product definition robustness, program deliverables and Timing (against standards and state of the art) against relevant KPI. Report it in  EFM reviews.
Awarness of QMs policy & Processes
Ensuring all work process & procedures are in line with QMS objectives & reporting any incident of deviation from QMS.
The main missions of the role are:

A  D&D Manager is responsible for all the design and development activities of multiple projects. He ensures that the design is compliant with Product and Process standards. He is responsible for the QCD of the design and development activities. Team development, V5 / NX methodology and template usage + Standardization are his other main tasks. Ensure target achievement for Design and Development, defined in corresponding objectives and indicators.
The ideal candidate will have/be:


Bachelor’s / Master’s degree in engineering, technician, or significant professional experience.
Minimum 9 years of proven experience in design within an industrial environment, preferably on automotive interior parts
Team leader with strong communication, managerial, and leadership skills
Able to work in a multicultural environment
Skills and competencies

English required, and customer’s language will be an added advantage.
Thorough experience in design and development in required domain , i.e. interiors, seatings, exteriors, acoustics etc.
Knows the OEM specifications and worldwide regulations/legislations. Is able to coach his team about it.
Good knowledge of CAD Methodology and best practices.
Knowledge of program management system.
Knowledge of program standards, tools and methods.
Strategic and analytical capabilities.
Knowledge of 7 Quality Basics.
PMS and PSNext awareness
IATF16949, ISO9001 Standard knowledge & support for its compliance

Job Overview