Officer – Technical

Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd

Job Description

To design experiments in consultation with managers & execute experiments.
1. Execute the project and ensure that project timelines are being met.
2. Documentation of project is complete and done on time.
3. Cost targets and quality targets are met.

Technical Support

1. Conduct experiments for investigation and identification of root causes for design related customer complaints.
2. Visit customer line and resolve line issues.
3. Establish existing & new products at customer site.

Data Management

1. Project data documentation is complete and accurate.
2. SAP KM entries are made on time.
3. Regularly access KM database to improve knowledge.
4. Make SAP entries accurately and on time.
5. Ensure Updation of shade panel library with new shades developed in group.
6. Updation of additive database.
7. Updation of customer wise sample analysis data.
8. Updation of line parameter data.
9. Updation of Long term test data of line panels.

Equipment / asset care

Key Responsibilities:
Experience:1- 3 years paint, ink, resin, pigments, additive, plastic & polymer industry.

Location: Kopar Khairane
Qualifications: MSc, B Tech (Paint Tech.), BSc, DPT.
Experience: 1 Years – 0 Months to 3 Years – 0 Months

Job Overview
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