Sr. Quantitative risk analyst

  • Full Time

Market Risk:

The Market Risk department is a specialized unit in Finance Operations that operates in the Chennai and Manila centers.  The team has front line responsibility for risk measurement; deal valuation, exposure reporting and price validation. The department pulls together a range of expert skills that ensure accurate and timely reporting, and allow us to offer professional advice on the wide range of issues that the department gets involved in. We are interested in attracting people to our business who share our core working values of honesty, integrity and respect for others. We also want those who can build on our business vision, are prepared to accept accountability and can achieve great results through teamwork.

Market Risk Chennai:

The Market Risk department in Chennai is an exciting and growing team in Finance Operations. The team has been continuously absorbing newly migrated activities over the last seven years with continued growth and more complex work will continue to be absorbed into the teams.

The Quantitative Risk team is responsible for researching, implementing, prototyping, and supporting risk management metrics, models and systems. The primary role for this position will be to the creation of innovative risk solutions as well as to analyze daily and real-time market information for an industry leading energy trader.

The Senior Quantitative Risk Analyst reports to the Global Process Manager Market Risk and would collaborate equally with counterparts across various global locations therefore candidate will need to be comfortable with working independently with limited supervision at times, and be able to thrive as part of a global team with members in the US, UK, Netherlands, India and Singapore.

The successful candidate must be results-oriented, self-motivated and have the ability to thrive in small teams and very fast-pace environments. This role requires frequent interaction with Market and Credit Risk Managers, Model Validation experts and other analysts across the Risk area. The candidate must have the ability to work independently, excellent communication and organizational skills, and exceptional quantitative, modelling and coding skills.

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Support the design, development and implementation of quantitative solutions for risk management. Ideas for these could come from within the team, or from other risk analysts who need help with implementing their vision with cutting edge software and advanced mathematics.
Provide detailed analysis and documentation of methods, techniques, and findings. Well documented processes enable team members to build new achievements upon earlier work.
Engage in innovative research tasks for the team and risk management such as designing methodologies to quantify risks which lie outside of our current established risk metrics.
Investigate and manage large data sets, ensuring consistency and quality. Build tools to enable the data to be easily accessed by analysts across Risk. SQL and Python are the preferred languages for accessing and manipulating datasets within Shell.
Develop tools for on-going portfolio reviews and producing deep-dive analysis for senior management. Well presented analysis with key assumptions clearly explained will enable the analyst to work closely with key senior stakeholders in the Trading and Supply business.
Drive understanding of the design and utilization of methodologies to assess risk/reward of the portfolio, including VaR back-testing, stress testing, scenario analysis, liquidity analysis.
Ensure process excellence, identifying inefficiencies, inaccuracies or bottlenecks in Risk processes. Ensuring that error-checking is a natural part of all processes so output is ‘Right First Time’.
Support digitalization and automation to smooth the flow of information across the business and to remove manual tasks. As the key owner of the large datasets that form the foundations of the analysis work of the whole risk department your role in ensuring this data is easily available and well organized is vital.
Validate the output of and support the development of risk management systems and reports. Shell’s roadmap is to use big-data, machine learning and real time analytics to make the Trading and Supply business continue to be a success for the decades to come.

Team player, good interpersonal skills. Flexible to work with colleagues across numerous time zones with both Market Risk at the Trading Hubs in London, Rotterdam, Houston, Dubai and Singapore; but equally the Business Operations centers in Chennai, Manilla, Bangalore.
Excellent communication skills; the role will require writing documentation, research reports, new policies, and presenting analysis and insights to senior stakeholders. Due to the global nature of the business the role requires communicating using different methods, in a variety of formats, to people in many countries.
Ability to articulate and communicate complex scenarios and ideas in a clear and concise manner whilst understanding the perspective and experience of others. Ability to challenge sensitive issues constructively whilst maintaining working relationships.
Proactively identify and communicate potential issues with the appropriate teams or stakeholders. Making sure problems raised are followed up and worked on until completion.
Able to collaborate and produce good quality output working with colleagues in different teams who report to different managers.
Promote a culture of continuous improvement across all levels of the organization by having courage to challenge established processes. This includes identifying inefficiencies in processes and opportunities to streamline and automate shared processes and interfaces.
Ability to coach and mentor team members as well as members of other teams who require the knowledge or special skills that the Quantitative Risk team can provide.


Postgraduate/Advanced Degree (MS/PhD) in financial engineering, mathematical finance or similar.
Experience in a quantitative risk role within a financial or energy trading company.
Understanding of financial, commodity and energy markets; derivative instruments and hedging techniques. Knowledge of energy markets as well as credit risk.
Experience in scripting languages which enable data gathering and transformation such as Python or R. Other scripting languages such as C#, Java, Matlab also considered.
Experience retrieving datasets from structured databases using SQL / Oracle.
Intermediate to Advanced Excel skills; such as pivot tables, lookups, VBA macros.
Ability to work under pressure, formulate and articulate solutions and defend assumptions
Ability to solve real world business problems using quantitative and computational techniques
Reliable, dependable and disciplined. Excellent attention to detail, methodical, organized.
Resilient when working under pressure, with the ability to priories tasks to meet key deadlines.
Good judgement to provide advice, question discrepancies, escalate issues.
Continuous improvement mindset; utilizing tools to streamline and automate work to boost efficiency.
Scientific mindset; identify, investigate, analyse, research, discuss, record, and resolve issues.
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