Supply Chain Management

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Role description
Technical Skills:

Knowledge of Plant in bound, out bound logistics & supply chain management
Knowledge of PFEP
Knowledge of Inventory management with JIS, JIT, Kitting etc.
Knowledge of Warehouse/Supermarket planning
Knowledge of health & safety requirements for Logistics
Knowledge of Manufacturing processes
Knowledge of Various Automotive Standards
 Tool Skills:

AutoCAD, MicroStation, Plant Sim, FlexSim etc
MS Projects
Job Description:

To execute Plant Logistics Planning projects of Global OEMs.
Manage project teams for Logistics & SCM
Project planning, budgeting, execution, and implementation.
Technical and commercial guidance for project team.
Lead, motivate and achieve project deliverables
 Job Responsibilities:

Logistic Planning:-
Develop tactical and operational plans for inbound and outbound logistics, transportation , warehousing, and distribution.
Optimize transportation routes, modes, and carriers to minimize costs, reduce lead times, and imp rove service levels.
Coordinate with internal stakeholders and external partners to ensure seamless execution of logistic plans an d timely delivery of materials and products.
Logistic Simulation:
Utilize logistic simulation software (e.g., Plant Sim, FlexSim ) to model and analyze logistic processes, identify bottlenecks, and evaluate potential improvements.
Develop simulation models to assess the impact of proposed changes to logistic operations, such as layout redesign, process optimization, or technology implementation.
Inventory Management:
Just-In-Sequence (JIS):-Implement and manage JIS systems to ensure the delivery of materials and components to the production line in the exact sequence required for assembly.
Just-In-Time (JIT):-Implement JIT principles to minimize inventory levels, reduce lead times, and improve production efficiency.
Continuous Improvement:-Lead continuous improvement initiatives to enhance the efficiency, reliability, and flexibility of manufacturing and logistics operations.
Implement Lean manufacturing principles, Six Sigma methodologies, and other best practices to eliminate waste, streamline processes, and improve resource utilization.

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