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About Us
Founded in 1988, Varroc group is a global tier-1 automotive component manufacturer and supplier of exterior lighting systems, plastic and polymer components, electricals-electronics components, and precision metallic components to passenger car, commercial vehicle, two-wheeler, three-wheeler and off highway vehicle (‘OHV’) OEMs directly worldwide.With 36 world-class manufacturing facilities and 16 R&D centers in 10 countries, Varroc group is on an exponential growth trajectory clocking a sale of 1.5 billion USD in 2016-17. The company is one of the leading global passenger car lighting suppliers and amongst the top 2-wheeler automotive component supplier in India. Varroc offers best design solutions that give customers a competitive edge in their markets.
Job Description
Quality Control & Improvement:
§ Conduct RCA of recurring issues (internal/external customer), analyze & implement timely CAPA for fixing gaps to ensure no repeated issues.
§ Ensure action plans from audits are implemented to close all the non-conformities.
§ Ensure all laid out procedures and tests and QMS documentation are implemented as per VQS.
§ Develop the Incoming Quality check plan with respect to sampling plan and at par with Customer specific requirements (for Raw materials, BOP etc.)
§ Conduct rating process for suppliers on quality parameters & functional/fitment checking of parts to be dispatched.
§ Ensure parts to be dispatched by plant are checked for rust, dust, dent, damage, mechanical parameters etc. and conduct final visual inspection.
§ Prepare various reports (Audit, CAPA, Complaints etc.) independently.
§ Analyze process to find improvements, analyse the root cause of any problem that occurred with CFT, and identify any non-value-added activities
§ Choose statistical technique with optimum amount of data required to ensure adequate resources and due dates are met for test report writing, with supervision
Quality Assurance:
§ Communicate the importance of the implementation of QMS procedures to all units.
§ Cascade the concerned procedures to the respective process owners (Engineering, Production, PPC, Logistics, etc.)
§ Design, implement and document procedures for process control, process improvement, testing and inspection, with limited supervision.
§ Define metrics for measuring performance on quality parameters in units.
§ Develop procedures for end-to-end quality assurance from sample collection, analysis to disposal
§ Conduct audits of manufacturing process parameters, Product & System and ensure deviations are corrected
§ Recognize causes and consequences of quality issues that are not readily apparent while doing cause analysis.
§ Identify gaps in information and predict/gather relevant data in order to continue analysis and/or initiate suitable corrective action
§ Use GD8 principles / Customer Specific formats to solve issues in the plant related to Quality of process and Product.
§ Ensure Lesson Learnt, PTDB for all the failure in-house & customer are updated timely to Design team for future reference to ensure No re-occurrence of issues.


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Quality Systems Application:
§ Understand customer quality requirements (process and product characteristics)
§ Be active member in CFT for development of Process documents during the Product Planning process (Gate 0) and all steps of DFMEA
§ Participate as CFT member to Calculate the SOD (Severity x Occurrence x Detection) number or risk priority number (RPN) as part of PFMEA
§ Develop robust Control Plans ensuring effective SOPs and WI (Work Instructions) at par with PFMEA.
Quality Alignment with New Product Development:
§ Support concurrent engineering efforts by participating in design & development projects representing quality assurance and the customer
§ Be part of CFT with R&D, ME team to compile the DFMEA matrix taking inputs from all team members.
§ Implement if there are no new technical inputs required In case of ECN, else coordinate with PM & TC for changes
§ Collect PTDB (Past Trouble Database) i.e. TGW (Things gone wrong) of earlier projects and TGR and make team members aware of the same
Customer Complaint Management:
§ Ensure process fool proofing (Poke Yoke) – Detection & Occurrence Poke Yoke
§ List the no. of Poke Yoke installed in Plant
§ Conduct Poke Yoke Audit at defined frequency through rabbit test (NG Sample) & Negative Validation
§ Ensure all deviations are approved by Plant quality Head supported by Plant Head
§ Ensure 100% On time CAPA index, Replication, plan adherence, cascading for complaints involving machine operators closure of all complaints, submission of CAPA within stipulated time
Quality Management System adherence:
§ Communicate the importance of QMS procedures to all units, during roll out, implementation & updates
§ Track changes in QMS implementation at plant and deal with issues if any
§ Support the development and administration of the customer CAPA, internal non-conformance according to Varroc Quality Management System
§ Utilize various tools to evaluate the effectiveness of the quality system including management reviews, internal audits, feedback from internal and external customers, warranty data, and traceability, etc.
§ Monitor progress status against open issues of all audit engagements to ensure closure.
§ Ensure retention of all customer documents as per CSR timelines
Assist QMS Head in development of QMS procedures which are aligned with Customer specific requirements

About us
Varroc Group is a global tier-1 automotive component manufacturer and supplier of exterior lighting systems, plastic and polymer components, electrical-electronics components, and precision metallic components to two-wheeler, three-wheeler, passenger cars, commercial vehicles and off-highway vehicle OEMs. With 36 world-class manufacturing facilities, 7 R&D centers and over 6500 employees across 8 countries, Varroc is on an exponential growth trajectory, clocking net revenues in excess of ₹58,000 million in FY 22. With 3 decades of relentless commitment to excellence and value-based performance, Varroc offers the best design solutions that gives its customers a competitive edge in their markets.

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