Lead CoC Engineer

  • Full Time

About Us
Founded in 1988, Varroc group is a global tier-1 automotive component manufacturer and supplier of exterior lighting systems, plastic and polymer components, electricals-electronics components, and precision metallic components to passenger car, commercial vehicle, two-wheeler, three-wheeler and off highway vehicle (‘OHV’) OEMs directly worldwide.With 36 world-class manufacturing facilities and 16 R&D centers in 10 countries, Varroc group is on an exponential growth trajectory clocking a sale of 1.5 billion USD in 2016-17. The company is one of the leading global passenger car lighting suppliers and amongst the top 2-wheeler automotive component supplier in India. Varroc offers best design solutions that give customers a competitive edge in their markets.
Job Description
1. Customer Management
§ Act as the single point of contact for all customer interactions, discussions and presentations with respect to an ongoing engagement / project
§ Seek effective resolutions for queries from the customer and relay solutions / feedback to the CoE / design teams
§ Understand customer requirements, work along with Product Head to exhibit development capabilities of Varroc; provide assurance on product quality and project timelines
§ Address complaints / issues from customers by providing effective solutions and ensuring that design teams are aligned on the same
§ Provide regular updates on project progress, discuss challenges with respect to costs, timelines or other technical aspects and provide effective solutions to the same; ensure CoE / design teams are aligned with customer expectations at all stages during project delivery

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2. Project Management
§ Work with different teams across the organization and act as the control point for different phases of design right from pursuit management, business award, CoE design, CAE simulation, tooling, manufacturing, testing / validation, launch and post-launch support; ensure all activities are completed within the defined timelines
§ Participate in CFT reviews, along with Systems Engineer and with other CoE teams to evaluate project progress
§ Understand problems / issues that may derail the project delivery as per the set timelines or within the budget; discuss and come up with an effective solution to address the same
§ Work with the Systems Engineer to address all technical challenges / issues and seek sign-off from customer on issues / decisions during the design stage
§ Assess development costs at different stages during the project and ensure that it is within the stipulated budget; evaluated over-runs and ensure corrective measures are adopted timely to avoid cost spillovers
§ Discuss critical issues with respect to project costs with Product Heads and discuss measures to contain it within the project budgets
3. Stakeholder management
§ Build strong and balanced relationships with different CoE teams in order to ensure collaboration and cooperation during different project stages
§ Ensure different teams are all aligned with respect to detailed project timelines, budgets and customer expectations
§ Work along with the Systems Engineer to address any technical challenges / obstacles; invite Systems Engineer for technical discussions with the customer and ensure technical issues are resolved effectively
4. People development
§ Participate in recruitment process to identify the right talent across positions within the organization
Guide and mentor young talent within the organization; motivate and engage them to ensure they leverage their ambition to add value to the organization’s goals

About us
Varroc Group is a global tier-1 automotive component manufacturer and supplier of exterior lighting systems, plastic and polymer components, electrical-electronics components, and precision metallic components to two-wheeler, three-wheeler, passenger cars, commercial vehicles and off-highway vehicle OEMs. With 36 world-class manufacturing facilities, 7 R&D centers and over 6500 employees across 8 countries, Varroc is on an exponential growth trajectory, clocking net revenues in excess of ₹58,000 million in FY 22. With 3 decades of relentless commitment to excellence and value-based performance, Varroc offers the best design solutions that gives its customers a competitive edge in their markets

Job Overview